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Afghan Golden Saffron is a top-quality saffron brand started producing saffron as an excellent company in Afghanistan in 2016. Since the¬n, we came a long way. We are now partnering with some of the world’s most renown brands and are exporting a good amount of pure Afghan saffron. Afghan saffron is now rated as the top-quality product for 7 consequent years at International Taste & Quality Institute- Brussels. We managed to achieve consistency and persistency in improving the quality of our product. We are also capable of performing quick and guaranteed delivery dates. Afghan Golden Saffron is also offering retail packing for customers who have packaging requirements. Afghan Golden Saffron produces around 80 percent of it’s annual sales of on it’s own farms and outsources the rest of the production by local communities and by community. In most instances, Afghan Golden Saffron acts as a bridge between local producers and customers across the globe with marginal profits to ensure sustainability. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships to build upon the progress. What Afghan Golden Saffron is doing is beyond a simple profit oriented business concept, it’s about thinking long term. Its about building resilient societies that are also promoting values such as equality and service.
Saffron in Afghanistan in Herat Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice in terms of weight. The spice is actually the dried stigma (tiny threadlike strands) of the “Crocus sativus Linnaeus”. Each stigma is very small, and thousands of individual strands go into a single ounce of the spice; since the stigmas are hand-picked from the individual flowers, saffron high cost becomes more understandable The main saffron cultivation areas in Afghanistan is in the western parts of the country, The Herat province has managed to achieve an excellent position on the production and export of saffron over these years, To the extent that some 90% of saffron production in Afghanistan is obtained from there. The western part of Afghanistan has an especially suitable environment for its cultivation. The land area under cultivation in Herat Province is estimated 1500 hectares. In Afghanistan Farmers don’t use the Chemical material for cultivation and it is 100% organic production. Women implement most of this works, since 80% of saffron works are being done by women in our region. They do this works better and with lower price.  

Mission and Vision

Is to drive and serve consumers in a unique and effective way. By adding new taste to the market of premium Saffron with high quality & quantity Saffron. We are committed to create a powerful brand for our diverse consumer base.
Our premiums in Saffron industry is derived from our deep knowledge in all related aspects. A fine compilation of inspiringly beautiful saffron lands, state-of-the-art, machinery and a highly dedicated team is the recipe behind our luxury Afghan Golden Saffron products success.
We believe that our company is responsible for all consumers, natural dyes and relying on the technical knowledge, we have gained in the field of basic processing of saffron production.
Afghan Golden Saffron products are driven by our continuous efforts and hard work together with innovation to meet your ultimate satisfaction and offer you a proud product certified by ISO 22000 and HACCP following the highest international standard.

We are committed for making continuous improvements that improves our products and our longer-term goal in developing a sustainable business. We believe that our brand will capture the hearts of consumers through our outstanding qualitative and branded products which will in-turn add value to our customer’s life. With understanding customer’s individual differences, we created variety of products to suit our future customers to always remind them of the uniqueness of our products.

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